Friday, August 28, 2009

Making the Transition (Well I think is just for today)

I was thinking today of writing in English, (and yes, I have a tab with the Google translator just in case). But I need a theme not just "To write in English", so maybe I just can tell how a day in PreN'Das is.

In the morning kids have to go to school, and the little one stays. Then breakfast and some cartoons, potty training begins with some email reading. I check the "to do list" and the websites, then work in the jewelry, bathroom, phone calls, bathroom, and maybe do some laundry. At 10 or 10:30 I do lunch and is bath time. Then look for the middle one at school and check the big one. Back in the house everybody eats at 12 to 12:30, then I watch TV news while is nap time.

One o'clock begins between sweep, folding clothes, texting, and ohhhh today is Friday so it's a photo shooting day (which I did). At 3pm is time to look for the big one (but I have help today with that, Thanks!) Coffee time for me, maybe chat around 4pm at the Virtual Labs ( I'm an Etsyholic!) and then go back to the kitchen to make dinner (which I did today but Friday night's kitchen is close).

What else, well at 7pm everything is close, or it's supposed to be, because right now I am writing and it is late, but I have to close, here is a little girl that isn't tired (at all!).

What about new things? I have a sale this week which is awesome, and a special order too. I am improving in sewing even if I haven't post anything about that (I gave to my sister a little clutch but I forget to take a photo of it) And finally I am thinking of Halloween, but really don't know why...

See you next time,


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